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Quick Specs :::

Creator(s): OLKB, Jack Humbert
Size: 40%
Price Range: $150+
Build Options: Kit, Built
Switch Compatability: MX, ALPS
Key Stagger: Ortholinear
Lighting Options: In Switch LEDs
Programmability: Fully Programmable
Availability: Group Buy, Stock

Where to Buy

  • Group Buy runs on Massdrop once or twice a year.
  • Planck Light on Massdrop currently (2017/11/28)
  • Jack sells stock in his store on

Build Guides / Albums

How to Program

  • Full documentation on

Mods & Addons

  • Bluetooth Planck my Adrien Friggeri on Medium
    • Reddit Post and Comments here
  • Underglow addition by Kou5oku on Reddit

  • Datamance Wood Case for Planck on Massdrop

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