Uniqey C70

Quick Specs :::

Creator(s): Wodan, Photekq, Zambumon, Christoph
Size: 65%
Price Range: $299
Build Options: Kit, Built
Switch Compatability: MX
Key Stagger: Standard
Lighting Options: In Switch LEDs
Programmability: Fully Programmable
Availability: Group Buy

Where to Buy

  • Initial Group Buy run on Massdrop
  • Soon™ to be available in more variants* from Uniqey.net
    • *Variants that weren't in the initial GB such as ISO option and Kit options instead of pre-built.

Build Guides / Albums

How to Program

  • UNIQEY Control - GMK's new custom keyboard configuration software.

Mods & Addons

More Info

  • Story behind the creationg of the Q70 by LivingSpeedBump on Massdrop


The initial Group Buy came with this custom GMK Keyset as well ↑