Quick Specs :::

Creator(s): Skully Dazed
Size: 65%
Price Range: $229+
Build Options: Kit, Built
Switch Compatability: MX, ALPS
Key Stagger: Standard
Lighting Options: In Switch LEDs, Underglow
Programmability: Fully Programmable, QMK
Availability: Stock, Group Buy
First Appearance:

Where to Buy

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How to Program

  • Check out the Github repo for the Clueboard

Mods & Addons

More Info

  • Great Reddit comment by the creator, Skullydazed, about the pricing, engineering, and machine work that goes into the creating of the Aluminum cases on the Clueboard.
  • History
    • Clueboard v1 - Acrylic cases or repurposed Leopold FC660m cases
    • Clueboard v2 - Added layout options, added optional RGB underglow, Aluminum case is announced, but still using acrylic & repurposed cases
    • Clueboard v2.5.1 - Current iteration


Source: LivingSpeedBump's photo on Keychatter Source: iaca400's post on Reddit Source: JerkinToTheOldie's post on Reddit