Leopold FC660c

Quick Specs :::

Creator(s): Leopold
Size: 65%
Price Range: $199+
Build Options: Built
Switch Compatability: Topre
Key Stagger: Standard
Lighting Options: None
Programmability: DIP Switches
Availability: Stock

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How to Program

  • DIP Switches:

Important! The keyboard should be unplugged while changing the DIP switch settings; otherwise the changes may not be recognized.

DIP Switch Key/Function SW OFF SW ON
SW1 Ctrl (left) Ctrl (left) Caps Lock
SW1 Caps Lock Caps Lock Ctrl (left)
SW2 Windows Windows Alt (left)
SW2 Alt (left) Alt (left) Windows
SW3 Windows Windows Fn
SW3 Fn Fn Windows
SW4 Windows Enabled Disabled
  • FN Layer
Key Combination Function
Fn + Q Toggle default action for Esc key
between Esc and Backtick
Toggle Insert LED On/Off
to indicate state this change
Fn + Number Row F1-F12
Fn + Arrow Up Page Up
Fn + Arrow Down Page Down
Fn + Arrow Left Home
Fn + Arrow Right End
Fn + Ctrl (right) Menu
Fn + I Print Screen/System Request
Fn + O Scroll Lock
Fn + P Pause/Break
Fn + K Home
Fn + L Page Up
Fn + < End
Fn + > Page Down
Shift + Esc ~
Fn + Esc `

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