Quick Specs :::

Creator(s): Qisan
Size: 65%
Price Range: $40+
Build Options: Kit, Built
Switch Compatability: MX
Key Stagger: Standard
Lighting Options: In Switch LEDs, None
Programmability: DIP Switches
Availability: Stock
First Appearance: Unknown

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How to Program

  • DIP Switch Explanation by /u/Neralo on Reddit :::


    Let me translate what I can. First time playing with tables, so excuse any formatting issues.

    First off, lets take a look at the DIP Switches

    DIP Switch Function Function when off Function when on
    Switch 1 Swap Caps Lock and Left Control Button's function normally. Caps is Caps, left Ctrl is left Ctrl Buttons functions switched. Caps Lock = Left Ctrl, Left Ctrl = Caps Lock
    Switch 2 Swap Win Key and Fn Keys function normally, Win is Win, Fn is Fn Key Functions switched, Win is Fn, Fn is Win.
    Switch 3 Lock Win Key Win Key unlocked, pressing it opens start menu Win Key locked, will not do anything.

    This next section is for the escape key functions. Note that the combination FN+Q will switch the functions slightly. Its noted in the table below.

    Key Combination Normal Result After Fn+Q
    Just ESC ESC `
    Shift+ESC ~ ~
    Fn+ESC ` ESC

    Finally, lets look at the Fn Layer properly.

    Key Combination Function Key Combination Function
    Fn+W Polling rate 20C/S Fn+; Home
    Fn+E Polling rate: 40C/S Fn+/ End
    Fn+R Polling Rate 60C/S Fn+Page Up Home
    Fn+1 to = F1 - F12 Fn+Page Down End
    Fn+Z Launch default media app Fn+O Print Screen/SysReq
    Fn+X Play/Pause Fn+P Scroll Lock
    Fn+C Stop Fn+[ Pause Break
    Fn+V Previous Song Fn+] Calculator
    Fn+B Next Song Fn+Up arrow Increase LED Brightness
    Fn+N Volume Down Fn+Down arrow Lower LED brightness, keep pressing to turn them off
    Fn+M Volume Up Fn+Left Arrow On/Off LED Breathing Mode
    Fb+< Mute Fn+Right arrow LED Breathing mode speed

    Feel free to let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know, or if you've got other questions.

    Source: I own the magicforce 68, and I'm fluent in mandarin.


    See Original Post on Reddit.

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  • Overwatch Pro "Saebyeolbe" uses a MagicForce68 w/ Typewrtiter caps while playing